What Is This About?

Among Ghosts is my personal journal of experiences with Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, and other manifestations of anything generally lumped together as “Paranormal”.  I intend this Blog to become a record of my experiences, a way to track who and what I’m coming across. And to help memorialize those who seem to have a need to be heard, even if only by one lone woman. If it helps educate or enlighten ( or even entertain) others, so much the better, but that’s not it’s ultimate purpose.

I do welcome comments and conversation, so I hope you wont be shy, speak up.  I am uneasily aware that the occassional sceptic or flat out trouble maker might stumble across this.  I dont want this page to be a list of what’s acceptable and what’s not, but do let me say that I’m on close personal terms with the delete button,  so dont bother if you’re going to be nasty or pig headed.

Oh also, whilst I make every effort not to do so, and despite my painstaking proofreading, I do occassionally make a typo. It just happens, kind of like stepping in dog poo once in a while.   But it’s just a typo, not an assault on the innocent people of some forgotten tropical paradise, so if you happen to be one of those who see every typing mistake as a personal insult, you have my sympathy, but please,  just deal with it quietly on your own, okay?


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