Who Am I?

It’s hard to write a Bio for oneself when oneself is being Anonymous.

What do you write about? I cant tell you my name or what I do for a living or where I live, though I daresay some of the information will slowly creep into my posts since I will be honest without fail.   I can’t describe my family, or friends, and my hobbies are best left unmentioned as well.   So what to say? Well, I suppose I can tell you a bit about what I’m doing here, in this Blog, and what brought me to this point in my life.

I’ve always been different, an outsider, an oddball, a misfit. I hear and see and most especially feel things that others dont.  That makes me a Clairsentient, with a minor degree of Clairaudient and Clairvoyent tossed in to make it mildly spicy. And I seem to have a special relationship with the process of death and dying. Don’t misunderstand, I am not ghoulish. I’m actually pretty quick to smile and have a generally sunny, disposition, and, I’m told, a wicked sense of humor.  But it seems the walls that divide this existence from others are especially thin around me. A friend calls me “A Gateway”, an opening in the walls between worlds that allows those in need on either side an opportunity to “see” what they need to see on the other side.  And so, I find myself interjected into peoples’ lives when there is a need for someone like me.   I have my own grief to bear…I have lost both my best friend and first love to the evils of cancer and I mourn deeply the loss of my own animal friends throughout the years. Grief is a familiar companion to me.  Whether its that or some sense of what I am, for most of my life people I both know well and dont know at all and all phases in between have shared their burdens of loss with me.  Some have even seemed compelled to, spitting out such announcements as, “I’m a funeral director”, for no apparent reason and with no connection to the conversation.  I have held the hands of people as they said goodbye to beloved pets. I have stood in the stead of others who could not bear to be there during their loved one’s final moments.  I have listened to customers in my shop telling me about their lost child, husband, friend. I recently spent 6 weeks living in my own little Bermuda Triangle of grief at an art show where my neighbors to the immediate left, right and directly in front had just lost wife, family patriarch, and husband respectively.  

The stories I hear have been extraordinary, the love I have felt is indescribable.  But what inspired me to finally acknowledge publically this facet of my life was something that happened to me in February of 2011.  I wont go into detail, you can read about it in my First Post in the Blog, but I went on a spectualy journey one night. Take a Near Death Experience and combine it with an Out of Body Experience and you’ve gotten about as close to what happened to me as I think modern English can get.  It was very like a Near Death Experience with all the lights, tunnels etc…except I wasn’t dying, there was no trauma or illness preceeding it, I just left my body as one would in an Out of Body Experience, except most OOBEs dont involved Crossing Over. I visited there with a person who was once very dear to me who had passed away a few years prior.  He was not expecting me, and I had no control over the event.  I didn’t intend to do what I did and in truth didn’t even know I could!  But I did and when it was over I was irrevocably altered.  Now, not only were the walls thin for me, but I had one foot on this side and one on the other.  And it seems that as a result I have become an even bigger magnet drawing more and more people from both sides of the Veil.  And the extraordinary things keep happening to me.

Other than that…well, I’m a Pisces, I like long walks on the beach and listening to old French music.    I love animals, gardening, art, chocolate, Estate sales and Flea Markets, books ( I devour them rapaciously), and talking either in spoken form or written (obviously).  I’m comfortable in the dark, but love nothing better than coming out a cool pool to lie on baked hot tiles and dry in the sun.  Yes, I’m married, yes, I have kids, and pets.  Yes, I am gainfully employed- well self-employed, but still gainfully. This Ghost thing is not a hobby, it is a thing that happens to me, and more like a vocation, I suppose.  I hesitate to call it a Gift because there are many times when it is anything but.

The rest can wait, I imagine bits and piecs will reveal themselves so I’d rather not spoil it all at once, and besides I really must attempt to make these things shorter or no one will bother reading them.

And so, with that said….


6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Thank you for finding my page, but in doing so allowing me to find yours :). I’m going to be very interested in reading about your experiences. We are all given gifts in life, and have a purpose, yours is one that is very challenging. There is a pattern of loss, but it is also one of showing that that is not the end. Love and blessings 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for swinging by here. I’m happy to have you. 🙂 Yes, challenging is a good word, but not in a bad way, strangey enough. There’s a lot of…warmth involved, even when it gets kinda creepy or scary. There’s beauty in death. I know that sounds ghoulish,. but ..oh crud, I cant decribe it. maybe I’l blog about that subject! lol!!! Anyway, glad you stopped by. I’m happy to have made a friend.

  2. Hi,

    Your intro is so amazing to read, it gave me goosebumps as the similiarities between us are quite unbelievable.

    I would love to leave a comment on your post A Visit From A Frenchman, but maybe I’m having a brain-fog moment – I can’t find the comment button! Well, until I find it, I just wanted to say how great I thought your post was, and you mentioned getting a bit of a headache and a strange feeling in your stomach …. exactly the same thing happens to me when I know spirit are around, sometimes the head pressure is almost unbearable … seems to happen when they are mega close… the stomach thing could be to do with your solar plexus chakra … again, when working with spirit, that chakra is particularly active.

    So wonderful that you found my blog and, even more so, that because of that, I found yours!

    I really feel that there are people we are supposed to bump into, and I am sure you are on my ‘bump list’!


    • I always wondered if it’s sort of a barometric pressure change thing…like getting the bends or something…interesting phenomenon, whatever it is, isn’t it?
      Glad you came by to visit, and so happy to have bumped into you too!!!.

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