Some things have been twirling around in the empty space I call my brain lately, and I think finally some stuff is starting to settle.
I’ve had this anonymous blog for a few months now, and I really enjoy it. I also have a very public life, and I think I mentioned at one point somewhere or another on here that I’m a very minor public person. I’ve been really shy and hesitant about taking the events happening to me into that public life. It, of course, crossed into it to some degree, I cant help that entirely, but mostly I’ve kept it very seperate.
But is a New Year and with all of this happening to me, I’m changing as a person to some extent and I think its time I finally let that into the rest of my life. I’m an artist and creative person. And I’ve been feeling like my work and life hasn’t been mirroring who I am now.
So..I’m going to change that. I’m more excited right now at where my direction is going than I have been for a long time.
I’m goiong to keep this blog, because there will be things that i just want to have more private.
But I’d like to invite you all to visit my new public blog and actually meet the person behind these words:

At this point I’ve just copied over these posts here, but there are some other aspects to the website that you might find interesting . I’ve had a sort of grief support website for about a year, I’ve combined that and this blog into one thing.
I hope to see you there. if not, I’ll see you here.


6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I went to your website and I loved it. You are a beautiful person, that much I can see for sure. The site is very touching. I worked for a vet for a few months and was forced to help end the lives of some nice dogs. I have never forgotten any of them and I am amazed at your courage. It is a part of life here on earth that I absolutely hate….the cruelty of man and even of nature. My husband watches the wildlife channel and I cry when I see the lions kill their prey. I now refuse to watch and I will go to another room to escape those scenes. I see from your website that you may be involved with very hard issues every day. You must be very strong!

    • Thanks. I think you might have been reading Eve’s Journal though. Thats not me. There are 3 other women on there who have journals to help them through their grieving process. I’m the main blogger, my name’s Jacqueline, so you’d automatically see my posts when you are on the main page as opposed to having to read one of the Journal pages…

  2. Congratulations on coming out! Like you, I kept my medium/intuitive gifts under the radar for many years. It feels great to be out and showing the world who I am. It’s great to meet a fellow blogger who shares these gifts!

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