Striking image of an orb in the center of my back. Note the face to the right of the orb itself.

A close friend is a professional photographer. For a few months now we’ve planned to do a shoot together of me in a cemetery, both for interesting pictures for her to use in her portfolio, me to use for whatever, and to see if anything would show up. This past New Years Day, we finally had a chance to make this idea happen.

The result was something neither of us expected. We thought perhaps an orb or two might pop up in a couple pictures, or maybe a blurry bit or perhaps something we couldn’t quite distinguish. What we got was about 50% of the photos with some sort of very bright, very strong ball of light.
She is a photograher who works strictly with natural light and she spends a great deal of time trying to get sunflare into her pictures on purpose. She is very familiar with what sunflare looks like and how to acheive it. She has never seen anything like what we got. She also sent the pictures to 2 different Master Photographers that she knows. Both of them have confirmed for her that what we got is not sunflare, what it is they are not sure, but both have said that what happened is essentially impossible.
Here is the most amazing of the pictures from that day. Please bear in mind the sun was in front of me. How did the sun go through my body? There was nothing behind us to reflect any light..so where did this ball come from when my body was blocking the sun? Also, if you look closely on the right side of the orb is the head and shoulders of a person-my instincts say its female.

And here are a couple other shots from the day. Please bear in mind that there are dozens of pictures with this orb or another similar one at both this tombstone and at others. I dont have all the pics yet, my friend just emailed me a few for reference. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more at a later day.


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