Not My Normal Blog Subject Matter.

So, for the last 2 Christmases, my man and I have not gotten each other anything for Christmas, because money is THAT tight, and we prefered to use what we had for our Kidlet. But this year, without telling him, I scrimped and saved and managed to find him 2 really nice white dress shirts and a brand new leather belt at Goodwill ( it took a lot of shopping over many trips, believe me). I was so excited to think he’d have something under the tree to open Christmas morning! Yay!!! And he had no idea so I’d get to totally surprise him because as far as he thinks, we’re doing what we’ve done the last few years, right???

I kept them at work this whole time and last night I ironed them, folded them perfectly and placed them in a shipping box, taped it up and took the box home with me.

I had the box sitting on a table next to where I always put my purse and cell phone. Its an established “MY STUFF” spot in the house. I admit I probably should not have put the box there or should not have left it there in any case, but about an hour later, I’m sitting on the couch with Kidlet and my man is in the kitchen doing God knows what. Well God knows what ended with him coming out of the kitchen holding two shirts and a belt in his hands and looking at them and then me in befuddlement…

When my mind registered what it was I screamed, ‘NO!!! YOU DID NOT OPEN THAT!!! OH NOOOOO!!!!!” and I burst into tears. My Kidlet burst into man shouted in startlement, and took 4 steps back into the kitchen, then he rushed to me and tried to make it better. Meanwhile, I’m just bawling my eyes out….

Turns out he thought it was a package that had been delivered to us..had no idea it could possibly be a Christmas present still unwrapped. He felt absolutely horrible and I was fairly unconsolable for about half an hour…

The good news is that he loved the shirts and the belt!!!!



One thought on “Not My Normal Blog Subject Matter.

  1. Well the good news is he loved them – imagine if he’d come in the room saying he’d found some ghastly shirts in a box – that would have been dreadful!

    Hope you, your husband, and of course Kidlet, have a wonderful day tomorrow full of love and laughter. x

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