Latest Bits and Bobs

1) Saw a kitty in my apartment last night. Just a glimpse.
We dont have a kitty. We do however have 2 very big dogs who love to chase and bark at kitties and had the laws of locking door mechanisms somehow managed to change themselves and there had been a living kitty in our actual very tiny 1 bedroom apartment both dogs would have been losing their ever lovin’ minds.
2) The latest very persistent spirit is a middle aged black gentleman wearing a panama hat with an awful lot of handwritten letters. I cant read them, he wont give me a close enough view.

Mostly its been grieving people, living people. Like the poor lady who lost her little child not long ago. The one I mentioned in a previous post. She’s still eamiling me just to talk about it. She’s having trouble with the holidays here. And then there is the very kind lady who wandered into my shop about 10 days ago who lost her in utero son at about 25 weeks. He lived 34 minutes. She spent an hour in here just telling me all about him. Everything she knew, and showing me his picture. She didn’t buy anything, she just talked. Or the sweet woman who bought an antique bird cage I had for sale because she lost her bird recently and this beautiful cage will remind her of him. Or the gentleman who brought me 3 boxes of vintage costume jewelry that had been his mothers. She died 5 years ago and he still misses her. He had her funeral program with him in his wallet.

All these souls, on this side and the other, all wandering, all really wanting the same thing: just to be heard. What a strange and blessed journey I’ve been given…


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