Kreativ Blogger Award..who me????

Well, I’ll be darned..I got an award. Honestly, I dont get awards, so I was surprised and tickled. 🙂 Thanks and a shout out go to Siannaphey
From what I have read I have to share 10 things that you may not know about me. Then I have to pass the award on to at least six other bloggers, so here it comes..

First, 10 things you may not know about me:
1) I’m really tall…like 5’10”.
2) I eat books for breakfast..I love them, I devour them…they are as necessary to me as food and air and water.
3) I love shoes.
4) I graduated from High School as a Junior with a 4.0 GPA and 6 college credits and was given a full academic scholarship to a very good university.
5) I promptly dissed the scholarship and quit after one trimester to go to Europe.
6) My right foot is half a size smaller than my left foot.
7) The only person in my family of origin that I speak to is my dad.
8) I have a pet sheep.
9) I dont watch television.
10) I drive a truck.

And the 6 other bloggers I’d like to nominate..
Well, I’d like to nominate Siannaphey again, but then we’d wind up in this viscious cycle, I just know it…so just know you rock Si!!


3 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award..who me????

  1. Gosh! Thank you so much!!

    Totally love that you have a pet sheep – I had a neighbour years ago who had a wonderful sheep called Ben – I adored him!

    You drive a truck? A big one? Wow – do you do that for work or for pleasure – or both?

    Looking forward to taking a look at the other blogs you’ve nominated … I think I’m becoming a blogaholic!

    I think I’ve sorted what I’m supposed to do …. 🙂

    Thanks once again!!!

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