Hello? Huuhhlooo???

Driving to work today I heard a phone ring. Not the ring tone itself but the sound you hear when you are calling someone else and its ringing on their end. But it was very faint and muffled, as though the phone was far away.
I immediately assumed I had butt dialed someone and reached for my cell to turn it off. My cell wasn’t calling anyone, and there was no sign of it having dialed. And I could still hear the tone.
I was driving, alone, windows rolled up, and not sitting at a stop sign where there would be an outside small chance of hearing someone else’s phone ringing.
The ringing was coming from somewhere near me.
Just not from a real phone.

Thank Goodness..its been so quiet lately I was starting to worry they’d all gone away or something.


3 thoughts on “Hello? Huuhhlooo???

    • I haven’t the foggiest, but I’m also not entirely sure they are trying to contact me necessarily. Well, obviously they are, but I mean, I think its more some sort of message or sign. The sound was of a ring tone when YOU dial someone ELSE, not of someone calling you. And I heard it again last night, this ringing tone…
      Its somerhing that ahs to do with being unable to get ahold of someone, I think.
      Maybe someone died before they could speak to a loved one or something like that. All I can do at this point is wait for more clues to what they want.

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