Its Been Pretty Quiet

…mostly. But there’ve been a few things of note I should jot down while I recall them.
One was driving home last night. A perfectly quiat street, no wind in the trees, nothing..and off to the right, from nowhere, a sudden shower of leaves from the front of a building rained down on my daughter and I in my car. There was no gardener with a leaf blower and I want to stress again nothing was moving in the nearby trees–no wind, I mean. There were far too many leaves for it to be some kid’s prank, and anyway, there’d have nowhere for them to hide. I’d have seen them. So thats one.

The second was a few days ago…I arrived home and as I was coming through the door, a sudden flash of a camera flash, hit me full in the face from somewhere at the level of my knees. My husband was standing right there greeting me, and my daughter as well. Neither of them saw the flash. Only me. I did not imagine it.

The third is related to a previous blog…Smoke and Mirrors. One of my followers on the post showed the photo of me to a medium who said she saw 2 men in of whom was holding a baby and had a message for me. I didn’t know who it could be. A day later I received an email from a woman who has heard that I have a sort of talent with death and dying. She had lost her infant son a few months ago and has been having the hardest time. Anyway, through a series of emails back and forth, it appears that the gentleman in my photograph holding the baby could be her father…and he has her son with him and wants her to know the baby is okay. Thanks go out to Chattingwithspirit!


4 thoughts on “Its Been Pretty Quiet

  1. I am so so pleased that you made the connection! How wonderful for the lady to know that her baby is being cared for by her Father.
    My friend will be delighted too. She is a fantastic medium and I have absolute faith in all she says. She is one of those who very few know, who works quietly behind the scenes and is at one with the divine – I am so very fortunate to have her in my life.
    Been very quiet here for me – I have been battling the flu for almost two weeks 😦 Spirit tend to give me a wide berth at times like these!

    • We aren’t 100% sure its her father, after all, I have not actully spoken to this spirit. But it did seem to make logical sense and the description your medium friend gave was 90% accurate. Either way, the idea of it hopefully gives her some comfort.

      Oh I hope you feel better soon!! Poor lamb..tea and honey..and lots of cookies. I always find that a veritable orgy of cookies seems to help when Im under the weather. 😉

  2. Did you enjoy playing in leaf piles as a child? Someone near you was just trying to remind you of this.
    There are many family members around us during this holiday season. Think about it and take a guess about who would want you to remember those times. I am sensing an older male with graying temples and thick, dark hair. Sound familiar?

    The flash was a child who died at a young age. She is a female and her name used to rhyme uniquely with a word you loved to say. (i.e. Jilly jelly or Marcia marshmellow…) She just wanted to say hello. She meant the flash just for you because she knew you at a time when you didn’t have a husband or a child.

    Neither incident was dark or harmful.

    • It’s quite possible these incidents are caused by the folks you describe seeing, but they are not people that were known to me, no. No, no leaf piles. There weren’t any where I grew up. I think it was just an attempt to get my attention, or acknowledge my passing.
      My understanding of the situation is these are spirits who are coming to me because I can sense them and they know I want to help. But they’re not people I knew when they were alive..not most of them anyway. There is one who visits regularly, my 1st love, who died 3 years ago. I’ve blogged about him before.
      But these 3 incidents I talked about lately aren’t him. They’re just random spirits out there wanting to say hey…They might have a message for me to pass on to someone, like the older gent holding the baby, but I dont know who that is yet.

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