Smoke and Mirrors

My husband–goofy prankster that he is– took this picture of me the other day when I was dressing for work. He snuck it by taking it looking into a mirror when my back was turned.
Apart from cropping it for decency since I was, in fact, not dressed, and making it a bit bigger so you can see it more clearly, it is entirely unretouched.
The smoke effect you see swirling around me only showed up in this part of the photo, not around my legs or torso or anywhere in the background. The mirror was completely clean. I know because I had just cleaned it. We had no been cooking, there were no lit candles in the room, nor had there been, the heat wasn’t even turned on. There was absolutely nothing to cause this smokeyness around me and we did not see anything before or after taking the picture.
He noticed it this morning and pointed it out to me asking mw what I thought it was. I just looked at him pointedly and asked him what HE thought it was. He has always supported me in this, and never made me feel awkward or crazy or anything else about it other than loved, but he did have a healthy amount of reservation and skepticism. I think he’s almost fully convinced now…I think even I am more convinced after this that its real and not just my overactive imagination.


5 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Very strange eh? Makes you think that maybe, just maybe, this smoke appeared to help your husband in his appreciation of your spiritual connection!

    I have photos of smoke in pictures I have taken when there has been no normal understandable reason for it at all. I do wonder if spiritual energy is just hanging around and for some reason they show up as smoke, or maybe it is something that we, as spiritual communicators, emit – like part of our auras drifting around. Would be great if someone could give us definitive answers wouldn’t it? I have many friends who are mediums and I think I might ask them if they can ask their guides what this might be. As soon as I get an answer I’ll get right back to you!

  2. Hi, after sending you my comment earlier I sent this pic to a friend of mine who is a medium and she has sent back her reply:

    Well looking at the picture, on first look it appears to be a man to her left but later it was 2 men but they could possibly be the same man at different ages or as they look similar be two generations. The first man is smartly dressed with a jacket, shirt and tie, of medium build, can’t quite make out f he’s wearing glasses or not so this maybe because he didn’t wear them all the time. The top of his head is out of the picture so can’t make out if he is bald but he certainly has a high forehead J or is thinning on top but he has darkish hair on sides. In his late 50’s early 60’s. ( hard to say with age ) I get the feeling he wants to talk to the lady and give her advice on something, he is also tapping his watch?? So is there a timescale for something. He is also holding a baby, very small, did the lady or someone lose a baby, he has the baby with him but feel it is growing up now so could be awhile ago but wants her to know the baby arrived safely with ( them.)

    There is also a hand going over her right shoulder, a hand of comfort.

    The other man is older , same sort of hair but silvery white, a bit thicker set than the first man too. Defo no glasses on though. This man appears to have had a stroke and may not have been able to talk after and therefore could not make himself understood was not able to say the things that he wanted to. He looks like he may have been in his late 70’s. It feels to me that they are gathering around for a specific reason and are trying hard to get a message to her for support, to lean on. I changed that last bit because its not so much that they have to hold her up! But that they are at her SIDE for her to lean on. I hope some of this makes sense to her.

    The blue mark on her right shoulder—is that a tattoo or is it part of the smoke phenomena????

    Ok thats it so far J J

    Just want to say- BLESS HER (( ??? ))

    • Well first, before I forget, the blue mark is a tattoo that I smudged as it’s identifying. Which of course means that anything else in the picture right on top of the tat got smudged too. But literally only on top of the tat.

      For the rest..I quite literally dont know who the men could be. There is no one in my life ( that I know anyway, though both my grandfathers died before I was born–neither of them died with grey hair though). And I have not lost a baby.
      However, that really doesnt mean that she’s off or anything because there are all kinds of spirits around me all the time, most of whom I have never met in this lifetime. So, I’m sure they are unknown spirits more than likely trying to get a message to someone THROUGH me, rather than TO me.
      Its nice to have them identified a little clearer, for sure! That might help me help them!
      🙂 Woot!
      Thank her for me, please?

  3. I did thank her. Yes, I think you might be right about the spirits trying to use you to send a message to someone. Amazing isn’t it, that spirits are around us all so much …. and its wonderful that your husband is so supportive of you in all of this – so is mine!

    Looking forward to what happens next!

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