A Sense of Humor

Okay, so silly as it may sound, about 10 days ago I bought a digital voice recorder. My logic is this: I can feel them, and sometimes hear and see them but no enough to really communicate with them in any real way. Not enough to find out what it is they need from me, or even if they DO need anything from me, or if they just happen to be there and I feel them. What happened with the Faire Ghost last weekend is rare..I was actually able to connect that spirit with his grown son. That RARELY happens though. Usually if I can even manage to figure out who they are I feel blessed. So I thought maybe, just maybe, this recorder might help me communicate. I’m not taking it out and recording random whatever, like a ghost hunter going to a cemetary or some haunted house and recording empty air to see if he stumbles on something. I dont need to do that, I know when they’re there. So it’s been sitting since I got it waiting for the right chance for me to use it.
Well, that chance was today. I was in my bedroom, doing my hair when I heard someone say, ‘Hi”. Breathy, indistinct, almost a voice in my head. I stopped what I was doing and said hello back, then asked what I could do for them. There was a reply but it was so faint and garbled I couldn’t make it out. So I said, “Wait right there, I have an idea.”
I dashed out to my purse, gabbed the recorder, set it up in the bedroom and told the spirit to go ahead and leave me a message.
I recorded about 7 and a half minutes.
Most of it is blank hiss and ambient noise, but very near the beginning, maybe 20 or 30 seconds into it, you hear me walk out of the room, and you quite clearly–as I’m walking out, hear a voice say a single word. Its breathy and low, but it’s right into the recorder, as though someone leaned into it and whispered.
The word, you ask? I swear, this ghost has a sense of humor, because I cant make this up….


6 thoughts on “A Sense of Humor

  1. Oh, My Goodness!! Be careful! It could be harmless but it could be something else just trying to get in with you. Post angels around yourself and ask for God’s wisdom before you communicate with this spirit. I have been tempted to do the same, but I do fear the chance that I might open a door that I might not be able to close. I have a ghost that follows me and has since 1969. His name is Mike (as I learned from a Quija board…don’t do it…the whole story is in my Growing Up Weird book) and I think of him as a friend. But I must admit that I have wondered sometimes if he is what he represents himself to be. I believe I found him at a military museum and that afterwards when I used the quija board he could communicate. He actually tried to warn me before my sister was physically attacked. He is quite a prankster and likes to hide things, but I feel that he is harmless. Still, I am cautious about communicating with him for the reasons I gave before. Anyway, let me know if anything else happens. Maybe you have a Mike too.

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